Lily designs the future.



I believe that being a designer is a way of operating; it's a different way of making choices and asking better questions.


We all make choices, which means everyone is constantly "designing" their reality. Calling yourself a designer is becoming aware of the intention behind what you create.


I'm Lily, a young American designer from North Carolina - now, a Rotterdam local.

I'm a 2017 graduate of Willem de Kooning Design Academy with a major in Lifestyle Design and a minor in Gamification. That means I investigate how we live and why, and how we'll live in the future; fused with a belief in the power of play as a driving force of change. Since I believe design is a way of operating, asking questions, and solving problems, I call myself a design thinker. I design processes, experiences, and concepts about the future of human interaction. Designing new ways of operating as a collective (society, organization, community) is what I really care about. I use my sharp creative-problem solving skills and natural organization of complexity to bring clarity, insight, and sensibility to any team.  

Speaking of which, I'm searching for my place on an interdisciplinary team. I believe every team in every field can benefit from a design-minded individual at the table. What does a designer bring? Designers are orchestrators of emotion and experience. With my hard skills, I work with soft results- and sometimes the other way around. Designers make the invisible visible. I am a translator of human experience; the subjective and often ethereal relationships between the user and the world, the user and other users, and the user with themself. I, as designer, bring a holistic consideration of the many interconnected impacts of a project on our fragile society and environment. I ask questions about the ethics of design. I put insights from psychology, sociology, and philosophy into practice. I dream of how the world could be and how design could get us there. 

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Let's talk about re-imagined processes / creative leadership / design ethics / futures / practical philosophy / abundance / the power of play / design for wellbeing / culture & community



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